Laserlight - Change Of Time (2019)

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This album is a continuation of the album Laserdance «Technological Mind» released in 1992. Continuation of the plot ideas Laserdance allows you to bring the listener to the opportunity to «see» the invisible. The main idea of the album is that the listener tries to break the chains of limited perception of reality, opens his mind and tries to explore the imaginary fourth dimension. The proposed musical-mental experiment will help to feel the complexity of the representation of the four-dimensional reality, which is not perceived by the senses. During this experiment, the listener will be able to understand that there is no time, that there is no real fourth dimension, because by real space we mean the observed physical world.

Format: CD-R, Jewel Case, Black Data Surface
Released: 1 August 2019 

  1. Intro (1:54)
  2. Change Of Time (4:54)
  3. Time Machine (4:27)
  4. The Fourth Dimension (4:33)
  5. The Attraction Of Mystery (5:12)
  6. Secrets Of Black Holes (4:29)
  7. Through The Timе (4:57)
  8. Back To The Future (4:21)
  9. The Parallel World (4:08)
  10. Space And Time (7:17)