A Tribute To Amateras (2019)

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This compilation is a dedication and tribute to a gifted composer Kenji Tanaka who will probably not create anything new...

Format: 1 x CD-R, Jewel Case, Black Data Surface
Released: 1 Nov 2019 

  1. Synthetic Storm (SynthOne Remix) (5:23)
    Remix by Robert Gaj
  2. Cosmos Line (Ray Orion Remix) (6:16)
    Remix by Andrey Zhitnev
  3. Alone In The Space (Rigelz Remix) (4:05)
    Remix by Anton Eriksson
  4. I Miss You (Aphelion Remix) (7:29)
    Remix by Slava Ruvinsky
  5. Departure (Holomatrix Remix) (5:35)
    Remix by Ingo Sobolewski
  6. Laserlight (NeoSpace Remix) (6:58)
    Remix by Chris van Buren
  7. Alone In The Space (Future Synth Remix) (6:23)
    Remix by Tomasz Bokisz
  8. Magellanic Stream (Ice 771 Remix) (4:07)
    Remix by Dmitriy Makhnenko
  9. Feel In Japan (Black Hole Remix) (5:41)
    Remix by Ruslan Bektimirov
  10. Cosmos Line (Nickolay Fedorenko Remix) (3:53)
    Remix by Nickolay Fedorenko

All tracks composed by Kenji Tanaka

Mastering: Pavel Kuznetsov
Cover Design: Sergey Rudenko
CD manufacturing: Dmitry Chikhaev
Translation: Nickolay Fedorenko

Special thanks to Robert Gaj and Anton Eriksson