About SpaceSynth.Ru

SpaceSynth.Ru is a Russian-speaking community of fans and authors of electronic synthesizer music in the style of SpaceSynth. The site was launched on February 1, 2015. The project aims at promoting and popularizing the style, cataloging information (articles, interviews, discographies), providing a platform for the style-related discussions, covering the latest music news, and helping release new albums and compilations.

SpaceSynth.Ru non-profit label

December 2016 saw the announcement of the creation of non-commercial SpaceSynth.Ru net label, which aims to promote authors who write electronic music in the style of spacesynth. In the same year, the label released its debut «Space Odyssey» compilation featuring the composers of our community.

All members of our team can publish their albums on behalf of SpaceSynth.Ru, having previously agreed with us. We publish both physical CDs and digital releases. Since the publication of physical media is very expensive and doesn't pay off, the decision to publish a CD is made personally by the administration and in very small quantities.

SpaceSynth.Ru Shop

In August 2018, a separate website page was launched at shop.spacesynth.ru where you can find CDs from our label and other merch from the project (still in process) for purchase. It is important to understand that distributing CDs from the label does not bring any benefits. CD printing is ordered in limited amounts as souvenirs for special fans and is sponsored exclusively by the project administration. Despite this is not a factory press, the quality of printing and the media itself is at a very high level, since printing is ordered in professional printing houses. The price of the CDs is formed to at least partially recoup the costs of their production and free delivery to authors who participated in the releases.